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Liquid Grip

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Liquid QUICK Grip (Grip enhancer)


No Chalk & Rosin!! No Problems!!
Enhance your grip with an overall effect far more than chalk with Liquid QUICK Grip!
Liquid Grip Enhancer is the Gymnastics Grip Chalk invented world first and it is great for golf, baseball, tennis, football, dragon boating, racket ball and a whole lot more. The Liquid Grip Enhancer can be used for more than just sports. Great for anyone that needs a better grip. This will help those with arthritis because they will not have to grip as tight. The Liquid Grip Enhancer is Non-flammable, Wont Stain, Non-Toxic, Repels Moisture, and Dissipates Quickly and does not leave a lingering sticky feel. It works well with any grip or wrap


Quick Dry and Last Long
Competitive Grip with No Messy Residue
Prevent Blister
Act as an antibacterial
Washes off with soap and water
Remove sweaty odor

*No dust or marks on clothing, equipment or facilities

Reduces skin tears caused by friction and leaves hands soft and moisturized.
Works as an anti-bacterial for improved hygiene Remove sweaty odor

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Liquid Grip