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Sports Deodorants for foot odor (ODOSTOP S)

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Sports Deodorants for foot odor remover (ODOSTOP S)


Special formula for deodorizing from foot


  • Dry quickly
  • Colorless and transparent
  • Traceless
  • Simple to use, convenient to carry


We recommend it to the following people
  • with serious foot odor
  • whose feet usually get sweaty easily
  • wear shoes all day due to the business need
  • with strenuous exercises like playing tennis, badminton and football
  • walk for a long time after climbing
  • need to change shoes because of rain and snow
  • go to office immediately after the exercise

Never worried about taking off shoes again!

You can spay it to your feet when you need to take off your shoes at home or in company and party.


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Sports Deodorants for foot odor _ODOSTOP S_