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Badminton Grip enhancer

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Badminton Grip enhancer


Grip non-slip is the tennis grip enhancer invented world first and it is great for golf, baseball, football, dragon boating, racket ball and a whole lot more. The tennis grip enhancer can be used for more than just sports. Great for anyone that needs a better grip. This will help those with arthritis because they will not have to grip as tight. The tennis grip enhancer is Non-flammable, Wont Stain, Non-Toxic, Repels Moisture, Dissipates Quickly and does not leave a lingering sticky feel. It works well with any grip or wrap It improves new grip feel every time you play in wet or dry, and summer or winter season conditions. You can play in extremely humid or dry conditions and nothing works like Grip enhancer to give your players the advantage of a sure, no-slip grip no matter how wet or dry their hands are Spay on your hands for quick fix directly


Improve your grip.
Promotes a lighter grip and prevents over-gripping to compensate for lack of feel.
Eliminates oils and repels moisture instantly.
Gives your clubs a new grip feel every time you play.
Dissolves from your club’s grip, so there’s no build up.
Dissipates quickly, so it doesn’t leave a lingering sticky feel.
Improve the feel better in wet or dry conditions.
Easy application (spray on grip, hands, and gloves)
Lasts 2 to 3 weeks with single application (2 to 4 sprays)
Over 100 applications per bottle.
Safe for hands, gloves and grips.
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Badminton Grip enhancer