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Badminton Shuttlecock Saver

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Badminton Shuttlecock Saver


Shuttlecock Long Life
Shuttlecock Saver
Durability + Life Extender For Any Feather Shuttlecocks

Don’t Worry Any More
Duraplus solves the problems that are easily broken by smashing 1-2 times

120+Shuttlecocks Per Bottle


Spray 5-7 Times on Both Sides of Feather

• Prolongs Shuttlecock Life to 100 % max
• Improves Flight, Speed, And Accuracy
• Applies 120 + Shuttlecocks Per Bottle
• Effective For Any Feather Shuttlecocks
• Non-Flammable
• Won’t Oil Stain
• Non-Sticky
• Safe For Skin
• Convenient Size
• No Hassle Spray Bottle

World First Product
Non-Aerosol, Nonflammable
Convenient Size(3.5 oz. 100 ml)
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Badminton Shuttlecock Saver