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Golf Club Cleaner Protectant

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[Gelob sports Co.]

  • South Korea South Korea
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Golf Club Cleaner & Protectant


Cleans clubs, grips, shoes, golf balls and golf bags
World First Product

Even a little dirt on the club face and in the grooves can alter your club's aerodynamics as it accelerates towards the ball. It can even degrade the striking surface of the best metal drivers or irons.

Cleaner + Protectant + Polish

  • Cleans clubs, grips, shoes, golf balls and golf bags.
  • Removes dirt, grease, grime and grass stains.
  • Protects rust, stains and tarnishing.
  • Cleans and restores - clubs will look like new.
  • Improves anyone's game.

With All-In-One Golf Club Cleaner and Protectant,
you'll drive farther, hit it straighter, chip with precision, and putt to perfection. It only takes a couple of strokes to make a good score a great score.

Velcro brush in the top of the cap keeps all your clubs clean and free of dirt in the grooves

Enjoy Better Golf !
Using All-In One Golf Club Cleaner and Protectant before, during, and after every round of golf.

Non-Aerosol, Nonflammable
Convenient Size(2 oz. 60 ml)
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Golf Club Cleaner _ Protectant